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Philosophy, Objectives & Goals

At First Step we believe that children are unique. They need to be comfortable in their surroundings and have fun while learning. They also deserve to have teachers adapt their teaching style and curriculum to meet their individual needs and learning styles.

Our curriculum is based on High/Scope’s open framework philosophy integrating the Creative Curriculum and Character First Curriculum. This approach is an educational approach that organizes the children ’s and teacher ’s environment, daily routine, and interactions. This provides the children a consistent and secure daily experience that promises interesting things to do, attention by their teachers to their interest and needs, and a sense of control over themselves and their environment. The experiences they have while at the Center foster independent thinking, initiative, and creativity. The children ’s cognitive, social, emotional, and physical capacities develop quickly when they can use materials and their imaginations freely in an environment that promotes investigation, decision-making, cooperation, persistence, and problem solving.

We believe that children learn through play. We teach a love of learning by allowing children to experience their own stage of development and helping them to feel success without  pressure. We believe that sensory motor, perceptual, and language skills should be introduced through materials and activities that emphasize the process rather than the finished
product. We develop schedules designed to balance structure and flee choice as well as active and quite time. Most of all we strive to bridge the gap from home to school by guiding the children to a good self-image while developing social skills in a school setting.

We will strive to be sensitive and responsive to the needs of the children and to work with parents and stafi’ to meet these needs. We will assist the parents in learning to listen to, talk to, and play with their children in ways that nurture their developments. We will work toward a
program that will encourage parents & teachers to learn from one another and to become partners in their children ’s success.

Program goals have been developed to promote the emotional, social, intellectual, and physical development of each child. Through daily activities each child will learn self-worth, the importance of others, and respect for other ’s rights. Each teacher is responsible for developing and implementing lesson plans used in the classroom to guide daily activities.
These plans must include the following:

  •  A balance of quiet & active activities ‘
  •  A balance of child-initiated & teacher-directed activities.
  •  A variety of activities that motivate children to explore & learn through their play.
  •  Developing lesson plans and activities based on assessments and individual needs of the children.
  •  A regular balance of the following:

Sensory activities, Art activities, Science activities, Music activities, Large & small motor activities, Math readiness activities, Cooking activities, Dramatic play, Language development, Group activities.